Candidate Testimonial

Having worked for Evolve Hospitality for the last few months, I can honestly say the experience has been enjoyable. Being a full time student, the flexibility offered by Evolve is ideal as I am able to organise my time around my studies more efficiently. I have been able to work at brilliant events and established locations all around London. Although the hospitality industry can be stressful at times, having an organised, friendly and genuinely caring team around you can make it that little bit easier! Fortunately, I have such a team around me. Anyone looking for some agency based hospitality work should definitely enquire about Evolve.


I am very happy with the staff and Jess, Jade, Natalie and Francesca are superb guys. The organisation is awesome and all the people in Evolve are helpful


Evolve are a team who are dedicated to their employees - they are flexible and fun and will go out of their way to ensure that you get the shifts you like. I enjoy working for Evolve because I have gotten to see many different places inside of London and out and have always come away with fond memories.


Evolve Hospitality has a great employee diversity. By having such a diverse range of colleagues to work with in terms of nationality, culture and ethnic background, Evolve has helped me to grow in confidence, as well as learn new skills and techniques from my colleagues. Evolve Hospitality gave me the precise and quality training I'll need in order to work in some of the most prestigious locations across London despite not having much experience in the hospitality sector. The one thing I love the most about Evolve, is simply that everyone gets along with each other. When I attended training, the person that was providing the training for us (Natalie) had a great and bubbly personality and sense of humour which helped get everyone talking and getting along with each other.


This agency is wonderful. You can find lots of opportunities to work, they are prompt with payments and really organized. Thank you Evolve.


Out of all the agencies I have worked for Evolve is effective in providing safe and reliable places to work - not once have they let me down. Evolve’s training was very efficient and beneficial as now, through them, I have been able to master the perks of the catering industry, allowing me to feel confident in what I do. They have really built my confidence and exposed me to different catering scenes at which I have picked up quality advice to provide the best services. Evolve is great at communicating throughout shifts and on a regular basis which I think is beneficial for all providing everyone the chance to work. They have really helped me over the Christmas work period, more than I expected they could. They also pay on time and not once have I had an issue with payment.


With Evolve, I enjoy the flexibility of the working hours, the variety of roles on offer and being able to work in beautiful venues that you would not realise are available in London.


Evolve is staff friendly, fun and has a great, positive atmosphere within the workplace as well as its staff. Evolve gives you a variety of workplaces from week to week, which you don't get in other jobs – there’s something new and exciting every week. Different events different roles and working with different people.


Evolve Hospitality is the first catering agency I have come across that visibly cares for its candidates as much as it cares for its clients. Dan has been brilliant and nothing is ever too much trouble. All of the Evolve chefs I have met on my travels have the same views and will recommend Evolve to anyone.


Thank you all for your effort and support in the past month - I very much appreciate that. A special thanks to Michelle for taking care of both our business - that kind of effort is truly very rare! It was my pleasure to work with you guys. All the best.


Jade is a highly dependable and outgoing professional who strives for excellence in all that she does. Her verbal and written communication skills are impeccable. Furthermore, she is a people person who has a knack for developing a rapport with others and bringing the best out of her team. Jades strong organisational skills and her knowledge of the industry and practices is evidenced in all her work.


I have worked for many agencies but I find Evolve friendliest and most professional. Strong sense of team work, and some really fun people to work with. The whole company has a very personal approach as well as large and diverse client base that each shift brings something new and different.


Evolve Hospitality is a young company, but one of the best in the field. As an employee of Evolve, you feel that Jade and Symmone are always ready to help with any questions you might have. As an employee you get the opportunity to work at some of the best hotels and establishments in London. It is truly a pleasure to be working for Evolve.


Evolve Hospitality is the best agency I have worked with, and I have worked with quite a few. Only here do I get personal attention and support, only work in good venues, the pay is above the average and there is work to keep me busy all week! And they are not just resting on their laurels, they are growing! 


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