Blanc and Clegg team-up for school meals week

Raymond Blanc and Nick Clegg have formed an unlikely partnership to help promote school dinners.
Running until 7th November, National School Meals Week is designed to encourage children to eat healthy school lunches and celebrate how much the meals have changed recently.
Earlier this year, cooking was introduced to the curriculum and a new programme was launched offering free school meals for 2.8 million primary school children.
As part of the activities, the Deputy Prime Minister joined school children at Brasserie Blanc in Oxford to get culinary advice from Raymond Blanc, before cooking with Celebrity TV Chef Lorraine Pascal at a primary school in North London.
As well as this, over the course of the week a school kitchen will pop up outside Parliament, MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace will serve lunch in Kent and school Chefs will cook meals at high-profile venues including London’s Gherkin and Manchester City’s football ground.
Speaking about National School Meals Week, Nick Clegg said: “This week is about not only encouraging children to really understand and enjoy the food they eat but to celebrate all the schools Chefs and catering staff who work day-in day-out to help provide school meals and ensure that we live in a fairer society where every child can get the best possible start in life, regardless of their background.”
In other hospitality news, it was claimed last month that the industry should consider hiring more older workers as a way of reducing its turnover in staff.
According to the stats from People 1st, around 365,000 people leave their jobs in hospitality and catering each year, meaning that around 20 per cent of all employees need to be replaced every 12 months.
Part of the reason for this is thought to be the high number of young workers in the sector, with 34 per cent being under the age of 25 compared to 12 per cent in the overall economy.
Looking at individual roles, 19 per cent of people in Chefs jobs are aged under 25, with the figures falling to 14 per cent for those working in Pub Owner or Manager jobs and nine per cent for people working in Restaurant Manager jobs.
By Owen Mckeon
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