Brits dishing out £4,000 each year in restaurants

Our love of eating out is showing little sign of fading as new research shows that the average Brit racks up restaurant bills in excess of £4,000 throughout the year.
According to the stats from OpenTable, the typical Brit eats out 1.5 times per week and spends up to £53 each time, meaning they fork out around £4,166 each year on dining out.
The majority of adults (58 per cent) also said that they spend more money on eating out than they do on their family, buying clothes or on other leisure activities.
Interestingly, despite our salaries generally increasing with age, people aged between 18 and 24 were found to be twice as likely to eat out as those over 55. The majority of younger diners (71 per cent) said they like to eat out cheaply and often, whereas those aged over 35 (57 per cent) said they preferred to go out for one special meal rather than dining out frequently.
There was also a small difference in tastes across the genders, with 34 per cent of women saying they prefer to eat in restaurants rather than at home, compared to 29 per cent of men.
Restaurants in Portsmouth appear to be the most popular, with the city’s residents eating out an average of 2.33 times per week, while those living in Aberdeen and Aberystwyth dine out less than once a week.
However, in terms of enjoyment, Southampton and Liverpool have come out on top, with 87 per cent of the cities’ residents saying they would opt to eat in a restaurant.
Speaking about the stats, Mike Xenakis, Managing Director at OpenTable, said: “It is no surprise to discover that Brits are spending a healthy amount of their income on dining out. With the diverse quality and variety of food in the UK, there is more culinary choice for diners than ever before.”
By Owen Mckeon
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