Hospitality industry urged to support job funding pot

The hospitality industry has been urged to support a bid for a share of a £250 million funding pot, which could help people develop the skills needed to secure hospitality and catering jobs.

Hospitality Guild and People 1st have joined forces to arrange an industry wide bid for the sector to access a portion of the financing available from the government’s employer ownership fund, which aims to improve skills in the workplace.

The fund is inviting various sectors to create an ‘industrial partnership’ which would see the formation of a representative group of employers and professional bodies that will develop a long-term aim to boost the growth of skills within its industry.

Should the bid be successful, it will enable the sector to develop qualifications and training plans for people looking to secure jobs in hospitality and catering, while also delivering a new information and careers website.

The organisations are encouraging employers to boost the bid’s chances of success by entering written support before it is submitted on 28th March.

Suzy Jackson, executive director of the Hospitality Guild, said: “If we are unsuccessful in establishing an industrial partnership, we believe it will be harder for individual employers to access government funding. The government does not recognise our sector as critical to growth, compared with aerospace or advanced manufacturing, but the credibility of hospitality and tourism to not only buck the economic trend, but support the UK out of recession, is significant.

“The money is there and we have the expertise and credibility to present a compelling pitch, but we need support from as many employers as possible to unlock this vital funding for skills development.”

The organisations stressed that no money is required from employers; they just need to enter a written submission and agree that their company name can be listed as one of the bid’s supports.

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