People 1st welcomes apprenticeship review

An independent inquiry into apprenticeships has been welcomed by the hospitality sector skills council People 1st.

Carried out by entrepreneur Doug Richard, the Richard Review offers a series of 10 recommendations designed to improve and secure the future of apprenticeships, a route followed by many people in catering jobs.

Around 50 employers in the hospitality trade worked with People 1st to develop a submission for the review consultation which took place over the summer.

According to Ruth Asker-Browne, who led the employer consultation, the Richard Review contained many of the recommendations urged by the hospitality sector.

She said the review recognised the importance of apprenticeships within the trade and how they can provide workers with a clear career path.

She stated: "We know from our submission that the review's emphasis on pre-employment and pre-apprenticeship training will be highly valued by employers - employers both want and need such programmes to ensure they have work-ready staff.

"Employers also said that providing government funding to support vocational training other than apprenticeships would be more than welcome, as this is currently tied so closely to apprenticeships that many organisations feel compelled to take this route."

The spokesperson said the skills council now awaits the Government's response to the Richard Review.

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