Restaurants not takeaways, say Brits

Despite more than half of us ordering a takeaway in the past month, Brits continue to prioritise eating out in restaurants.
According to the stats from CGA Peach, 57 per cent of people opted for a takeaway in the four weeks up to 15th May, with 37 per cent also saying that they had stayed in to catch up on a subscription TV service.
However, restaurants continued to be more popular during the month, with three quarters (75 per cent) of us choosing to eat out over the period rather than staying at home.
The big winner in terms of restaurant and pub chains was Wetherspoons which was visited by 14 per cent of the public, followed by Nando’s (eight per cent), Pizza Hut (seven per cent), Harvester (five per cent) and Toby Carvery (four per cent).
Several unlicensed fast food brands were even more popular though, with McDonalds opening its doors to 28 per cent of the public.
Speaking about the stats, Jamie Campbell, account director at CGA Peach, said: “It’s well reported that options at the fingertips of consumers at home, be that entertainment or quality food, is a threat to eating out spend, but eating out continues to be at the centre of people’s consciousness.”
The report also suggested that it could be a busy summer for those working in catering and hospitality jobs in restaurants across the country, with 88 per cent of people saying they plan to eat out in the next month as least as much as they did in the last period, while 83 per cent said the same about drinking out.
Other figures released recently showed that the average tip left by Brits in restaurants was £4.18 or the equivalent of nine per cent of the bill. The OpenTable stats also found that Londoners were the biggest tippers (£5.68), with diners in Swansea, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Wolverhampton also featuring highly.
By Owen Mckeon
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