Sat Bains opens “restaurant within a restaurant”

Renowned Chef Sat Bains has launched a new “restaurant within a restaurant” at his eponymous base in Nottingham.
Called Nucleus, the eatery opens today (12th June) within the grounds of the Chef’s two-Michelin starred Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms and is designed to be a new dining concept.
With space for just six seats, the restaurant will be in a self-contained building with private access and its own dedicated kitchen.
Explaining the thought process behind his new opening, Bains said: “I have always endeavoured to bring a true taste of what it is to eat here in the East Midlands – to give people a sense of place. To this end, the restaurant has become like one giant jigsaw puzzle.
“So many pieces make up the bigger picture and, with Nucleus, we hope to give our guests another dimension in our journey of taste, texture, temperature.”
Guests lucky enough to get through the door at the exclusive restaurant will see a menu featuring “evolutions” of the Chef’s original dishes such as scallops, braised pig's trotter and ponzu jelly, as well as new plates including roast monkfish, sweetcorn relish and chicken juices, or peppered steak – aged beef, roscoff onions, nasturtium and potato.
Seasonal tasting menus will also be on offer, with lunch featuring seven dishes and dinner encompassing ten.
With help from the restaurant’s Head Sommelier, diners will also be able to tailor various wine flights, with each option adding between £75 and £160 to the bill.
Earlier this month, restaurants across the country were urged to be more creative this summer and take advantage of low inflation by adding new ingredients to their menus.
The Lynx Purchasing Market Forecast claimed that quality UK meat, seafood and vegetables are likely to be readily available in the coming months, and advised restaurants to take advantage of the “excellent” value for money.
The report also suggested that barbecuing, slow cooking and smokehousing will remain popular, while menus may soon feature more fish in the form of mackerel, gurnard, hake, pollock, dabs, bream and lemon sole, as well as British cauliflower, cabbages, courgettes, watercress, rocket and chard.
By Owen Mckeon
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