Sat Bains to introduce four-day working week

Michelin-starred Chef Sat Bains is set to introduce a four-day working week at his restaurant in Nottingham in a bid to improve the working conditions of staff, it has been reported.
In a radical move, Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms is due to reduce its opening hours from November when it will only be open from Wednesday though to Saturday, according to The Caterer.
The restaurant’s employees, working in various hospitality and catering jobs, will not see any reduction in their current salaries and benefits despite now getting an extra 48 spare days per year.
The changes, which will initially be trialled for an indefinite period, could potentially cost Sat and Amanda Bains a six-figure sum, but the couple claim that the move is necessary in order to attract and retain the best Chefs around.
They said that by speaking to friends in the industry, they found that many had struggled to fill their vacant catering jobs due to a shortage of talented and aspirational people looking to working in the industry. However, they hoped to change this by offering good pay, career progression, quality time off and excellent working conditions.
Sat Bains said: “The industry has changed from when we were young and training. I’m old school. I’m used to the unsociable hours but why should the next generation have to be? We’ve got to try and make this brilliant industry attractive again.
“I’m passionate about training the next generation coming through, but the pool is drying up – front and back of house. We need incentives to attract the workforce. It’s a massive decision for us and yes it will affect our profits, but we both firmly believe this hopefully will be a solution.”
He added that the reduced opening hours could free up spare time for him to develop new dishes.
Earlier this month, Bains took home the Chef Award at the annual Cateys which were held in front of around 1,200 people at Grosvenor House in London.
By Owen Mckeon
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