Sodexo wins catering contract with Brunel University

Brunel University has announced that catering provider Sodexo has been awarded a five-year contract to provide fine dining, retail catering, vending and hospitality services at its main Uxbridge campus.

The contract, worth £25 million, is thought to be one of the largest of its type within the university market and will see Sodexo provide hospitality and catering services to nearly 18,000 students and staff each day.

The announcement, which could see the company create new catering jobs to cope with the increased workload, will see Sodexo put an internationally inspired menu in place at the university.

Among the range of options to be newly available on the campus are fresh street food, Mexican takeaway and continental style cafés that promise healthy options.

Jane Bristow, managing director for Sodexo Education, commented: “This is a very significant contract win, and we are delighted that Brunel University has chosen Sodexo to provide all its catering and hospitality services.

“We are currently developing exciting new and innovative fresh food offers, targeted at providing value and flexibility for students whilst giving the university a unique identity.”

In a separate deal, Sodexo has also announced that it had introduced a full Subway franchise in partnership with the Union of Brunel Students, which it claims already ranks in the fast food chain’s top five UK outlets in terms of sales volume.

Brunel University's chief operating officer, Paul Thomas, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Sodexo as part of the wider 'Brunel family' and looked forward to working with the company to enhance the catering provision on campus.

“The recent addition of high street brand names, such as Subway, to the campus has been very well received, especially by the student body, and we hope to continue to build on that early success.”

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