The Chancery appoints new Executive Chef on 10th anniversary

London restaurant The Chancery has celebrated its tenth anniversary by appointing a new Executive Chef.
Graham Long has taken over the kitchen after having worked in many acclaimed restaurants including the Michelin starred Pied a Terre in London where he was the Senior Sous Chef.
Before this he worked as a Chef at Lautre Pied and most recently spent more than two years as the Senior Sous Chef at St Betty in Hong Kong under Shane Osborne, who worked alongside Long as the former Head Chef and Co-Owner of Pied a Terre.
Long has already made his mark on The Chancery by introducing a new a la carte menu featuring the likes of roasted quail with kromeski of the leg, ash rolled English rose veal, poached Cornish brill, and almond milk panna cotta.
He added that customers could expect his dishes to be regularly updated with seasonal ingredients.
“The menus will change constantly to keep with the seasons and use things at their best, I won't be serving asparagus come autumn,” he said.
“Likewise if one of my suppliers rings me up with something new I'll try and use it straight away, a dish may only be on for two weeks, but during those two weeks those ingredients will be at their very best.”
In other news, a former Chef at the two Michelin starred Noma restaurant announced last week that he was opening a new academy to help young people find hospitality and catering jobs.
Set to launch next year, the City of London Culinary Academy will see Damian Wawrzyniak aim to prepare students for a career in the industry by improving their Chef skills and teaching them how to refine their palate.
As well as working at Noma, which was recently voted the best restaurant in the world, Wawrzyniak spent time as Sous Chef at The Priory and as the Owner of Fine Art of Dining.
By Owen Mckeon
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