Two-thirds of Brits planning Valentine’s meal out

Diners planning a last minute meal out tomorrow night might find that their options are limited after a new report found that nearly two thirds of us are set to visit a restaurant this weekend for Valentine’s Day.
The most popular gift for February 14th is a meal out (66 per cent), followed by a short break (45 per cent) while 34 per cent will buy gifts such as jewellery and perfume, suggesting that wallets around the country will feel lighter in the next few days.
However, the stats from Groupon found that only nine per cent of Brits are planning to spend more than £100 on celebrations, while 26 per cent will spend between £10 and £24, 13 per cent plan to splash out less than this and eight per cent are not expecting to spend a penny.
In fact, the total percentage of Brits planning to spend less than £25 on Valentine’s Day (47 per cent) is the highest in Europe and compares to 43 per cent in Germany, 27 per cent in Italy, 26 per cent in Spain, 16 per cent in Poland, 14 per cent in France and just 11 per cent in Belgium.
Commenting on the stats, Roy Blanga, Managing Director of Groupon UK said: “While most Brits might not be looking to spend a lot this Valentine’s Day, it’s still very important to people to make a gesture.”
Many of the 66 per cent of Brits planning to dine out this year for Valentine’s might be wondering how much to tip, with a recent poll finding that 47 per cent of restaurateurs consider a gratuity of between five and ten per cent to be appropriate.
The survey by ResDiary found that 32 per cent thought diners should leave between ten and 15 per cent, while only one per cent of restaurateurs thought happy customers should add an extra 20 per cent.
By Owen Mckeon
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