UK’s restaurant scene set to grow in 2015

It could be a busy time for restaurants across the country after a new report suggested that Brits are set to spend more on meals out in the coming years.
According to Horizons, the UK’s food service sector is expected to see value growth of over £10 billion by the end of the decade to hit a total of £56.3 billion. This follows real growth of 2.9 per cent last year, or 3.8 per cent including inflation, to reach a current value of £46.6 billion.
Part of the rise is due to Brits being willing to spend more on their food, with the average spend across the country on a three course meal rising to £14.48 over the past year, while those aged between 35 and 44 are said to now dine out “more than ever”.
In terms of food trends, the UK appears to be getting more international with an increased number of dishes from regional America as well as Vietnam, Peru and Egypt, while there has also been a shift towards healthy options.
Juice bars and Mexican restaurants are also forecast to feature prominently on our streets in the coming years, while Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and the UK’s market towns have all been tipped as dining hotspots for the future.
Speaking about the stats, Peter Backman, Managing Director of Horizons, said: “More robust levels of consumer consumption have been prompted by the fact people are now less exposed to high levels of borrowing, are more certain of their jobs, and are buoyed by low inflation. This is great news for the eating out sector – and while it’s not racing ahead, it is growing at a higher level than we have seen since before the economic downturn.”
He added that diners may have noticed a decrease in the number of restaurants offering discounts or money-off vouchers, with many establishments now only using them to promote specific occasions such as Mother’s Day.
By Owen Mckeon
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