Charlie Dingley - Temps Chef Consultant (Surrey Team)

Charlie Dingley 

A Quick Intro: I have been working in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, starting as a Kitchen Porter in my local fine dining pub. I started my culinary career in that same pub and worked my way up to Head Chef when I was 22 where I specialised in game and fish. I have also been in and out of ski seasons running chalets in the French Alps since the age of 18. I have a huge passion for food and have done a lot of private work too which I love doing, including weddings and dinner parties, I am looking forward to creating new opportunities for Evolve’s clients and our Chefs!
Favourite Food: Woodcock or lamb’s heart (weird I know)
Favourite Drink: Dark and stormy
Favourite Film: Bullitt
Favourite Restaurant: Tickets, Barcelona
Interesting Fact: I could barely speak in primary school due to having a bad stammer, now I talk too much!
Phobia: Snakes

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