Holly McMullen - Front of House Consultant - Temporary Division (Birmingham Team)

Holly McMullen 

A Quick Intro: Having lived up and down the country studying Hospitality Management up North and living the city life in London, exploring food and drink has always been a passion of mine. My friends hate going for dinner with me as I apparently always have some sort of comment to make, whether it’s on the service, the food or even the décor! I’ve worked in bars, restaurants and hotels since I was 13 and worked my way around F&B, FOH and behind the scenes, and recruitment is now giving me another element to the catering industry.
Favourite Food: Mashed potato (not SMASH!), I could eat it all day every day
Favourite Drink: Porn Star Martini
Favourite Film: Serendipity – big believer in fate!
Favourite Restaurant: Although it was a quite a recent find, I absolutely loved The Rectory in Birmingham, inviting and relaxed atmosphere, beautifully presented dishes, and most importantly fantastic service!
Favourite Food Style: British home comforts, nothing beats a homemade Irish stew
Interesting Fact: I’m a massive adrenaline junkie… planes, fire, speed – love it!
Phobia: Being under deep water, not being able to touch the floor

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