Jose Ramirez - Recruitment Consultant – FOH Hotels Temporary Division (London Team)

Jose Ramirez 

A Quick Intro: I have a background in hotels, however within that environment I have worked in many different areas such as meetings and events, fine dining restaurants, sushi restaurants and purchasing, as well as many large events like gala balls, concerts and festivals.
From an early stage in my career I have had an interest in helping new staff get started. I take pride in being able to place myself in their shoes and help them in any way I can so that they can adapt and quickly join the team. 
I consider myself a people person. With over 8 years in the hospitality industry I have found that if you enjoy people you will enjoy your work. Flexibility, patience and understanding are some of the qualities that allow me to help our trainees become superstars in this industry.
Favourite Food: Really cheesy pizza
Favourite Drink: A mojito on a sunny day
Favourite Movie: The Interview
Random Fact: I have fought and won 7 Muay Thai full rules fights
Phobia: Creepy empty buildings

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