Marta Wozniak - Senior FOH Recruitment Consultant – Contract Catering Temporary Division (London Team)

Marta Wozniak 

A Quick Intro:  I have worked in the hospitality and catering industry in London for almost 12 years. Starting from the ever so fast-paced commercial part of the business through historical royal places like the Tower of London, as well as at the very much evolving and changing B&I side of contract catering. Throughout my career I have always focused on people and enjoyed recruitment as well as everything else about the HR side of the business, so it was a logical step for me to alter my path and join Evolve. In my free time I absolutely love travelling, great food and animals and I’m proudly owned by a rescue cat named after a chocolate! (All according to a theory that humans don’t own cats but are owned by them.)

Favourite Food:  I’m a massive foodie, so I think it will be easier for me to answer with two foods I simply don’t like - and these are lamb and goats cheese
Favourite Drink:  On a regular day, sparkling water. On a very good day, champagne!
Favourite Movie: Lone Survivor. I wouldn’t say ‘a favourite’ but it’s definitely a movie that I didn’t expect to be this gripping
Interesting Fact:  I used to train martial arts and was once taught how to strangle someone within 6 seconds
Phobia: I don’t really have one but really dislike any sort of maggots or larvae

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