Meet the Team

Our London Team

Ed Vokes, Director (London Team) 

Ed Vokes

Jade Bulteel, Business Manager - Front of House Division (London Team) 

Jade Bulteel

Sarah Hercock, Contract Catering Manager – FOH Temporary Division  (London Team) 

Sarah Hercock

Rory Kelly-Naughton, Hotel Divisional Manager – FOH Temporary Division (London Team) 

Rory Kelly-Naughton

Matthew Przyborowski, Hotel Recruitment Consultant – FOH Temporary Division (London Team) 

Matthew Przyborowski

Ben Drayner, Events Divisional Manager – FOH Temporary Division (London Team) 

Ben Drayner

Natalya Ismail, Events Junior Consultant - Temporary Division (London Team) 

Natalya Ismail

Marta Wozniak, Recruitment Consultant – FOH Contract Catering Temporary Division (London Team) 

Marta Wozniak

Candice Leary, Events Junior Consultant (London Team) 

Candice Leary

Maria Grande , Lead Resourcer and Compliance Co-Ordinator (London Team) 

Maria Grande

Ivano Cattaneo, FOH Resourcer (London Team) 

Ivano Cattaneo

Daniel Pennington, Business Manager - Back of House Division  (London Team) 

Daniel Pennington

Jenny Walklate, Contract Catering Divisional Manager – BOH Temporary Division (London Team) 

Jenny Walklate

Elliot Sherry , Contract Catering Consultant – Temporary Division (London Team) 

Elliot Sherry

Molly Fielding , Contract Catering Consultant (London Team) 

Molly Fielding

Josh Howell, BOH Recruitment Consultant – Contract Catering Temporary Division (London Team) 

Josh Howell

Ricci Courtney, Junior Chef Consultant - Temporary Division (London Team) 

Ricci Courtney

Alessandra Ruocco, Events Divisional Manager – BOH Temporary Division (London Team) 

Alessandra Ruocco

Zoe Rogers, Events Chef Consultant – Temporary Division (London Team) 

Zoe Rogers

Felix Jagger, BOH Recruitment Consultant – Events Temporary Division (London Team) 

Felix Jagger

Ally McDonagh-White, Events Intern (London Team) 

Ally McDonagh-White

Emily Brown, Events Intern (London Team) 

Emily Brown

Jerome Caines, Hotels & Restaurants Recruitment Consultant – BOH Temporary Division (London Team) 

Jerome Caines

Dominique Brown, Hotels & Restaurant Division Manager – BOH Temporary Division (London Team) 

Dominique Brown

Lucy Salih, Chef Resourcer (London Team) 

Lucy Salih

Jose Ramirez, Recruitment Consultant – FOH Hotels Temporary Division (London Team) 

Jose Ramirez

Veronique M-Gueguen, Training Manager (London Team) 

Veronique M-Gueguen

Adam Bowden, Business Manager - Permanent Division (London Team) 

Adam Bowden

Gemma Hyjek, Permanent Recruitment Consultant (London Team) 

Gemma Hyjek

Adam Nordone , Permanent Recruitment Consultant (London Team) 

Adam Nordone

Sam Armes, Permanent Recruitment Consultant (London Team) 

Sam Armes

Jo-Mandi Templeton, Operations Manager (London Team) 

Jo-Mandi Templeton

Ian Scott, Group Finance Director (London Team) 

Ian Scott

Jessica Templeton, FOH Temporary Payroll Manager (London Team) 

Jessica Templeton

Emma Tarbox, Payroll Administrator (London Team) 

Emma Tarbox

Jasmine Auguste, Payroll Assistant (London Team) 

Jasmine Auguste

Paloma Blazquez, Purchase Ledger Administrator (London Team) 

Paloma Blazquez

Rhianne Stubbs, Credit Controller (London Team) 

Rhianne Stubbs

Giovanni Cennamo , Sales Ledger Assistant (London Team) 

Giovanni Cennamo

Our Birmingham Team

Clare Downes, Director (Birmingham Team) 

Clare Downes

Holly McMullen, Front of House Consultant - Temporary Division (Birmingham Team) 

Holly McMullen

Chris Bennett , Chef Recruitment Consultant (Birmingham Team) 

Chris Bennett

Louise Coughlan, Permanent Consultant (Birmingham Team) 

Louise Coughlan

Dominic Sweeney , Chef Recruitment Consultant (Birmingham Team) 

Dominic Sweeney

Luke Hall, Resourcer (Birmingham Team) 

Luke Hall

Our Manchester Team

Lizzy Lovelady, Regional Temps Manager (Manchester Team) 

Lizzy Lovelady

Our Surrey Team

Aimee Smith, Business Manager (Surrey Team) 

Aimee Smith

Simon King, Permanent Consultant (Surrey Team) 

Simon King

Rob Vinke, Perms Consultant (Surrey Team) 

Rob Vinke

Samantha Colley, Temps Consultant (Surrey Team) 

Samantha Colley

Charlie Dingley, Temps Chef Consultant (Surrey Team) 

Charlie Dingley

Our Southampton Team

Rodney Burt, Business Manager – South Coast Region (Southampton Team) 

Rodney Burt

Mike Carter, Permanent Recruitment Consultant (Southampton Team) 

Mike Carter

Jadon Connis, Chef Recruitment Consultant – Temporary Division (Southampton Team) 

Jadon Connis

Katie Gooding, FOH Recruitment Consultant – Temporary Division (Southampton Team) 

Katie Gooding

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